Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 56: Saturday Feb 25

Theorem (Pasolini, 1968): Rio Cinema, 11.30pm
A Little Film Club screening: more details here at the Little Joe magazine website.

A Little Film Club will alternate between the Cinema Museum in Kennington and the Rio cinema in Dalston and develops the concept of the magazine into an unique space for the exhibition and discussion of films that inspire alternative discourse. Incorporating an eclectic programme of films mapping the subterranean queer canon of cinema, the screenings will be complimented by extended introductions, discussions and social events.

Tonight's screening is introduced by John David Rhodes, senior lecturer in Literature and Visual Culture at Sussex University and author of Stupendous, Miserable City: Pasolini’s Rome.

Time Out review:

'In Theorem, Pasolini achieved his most perfect fusion of Marxism and religion with a film that is both political allegory and mystical fable. Terence Stamp plays the mysterious Christ or Devil figure who stays briefly with a wealthy Italian family, seducing them one by one. He then goes as quickly as he had come, leaving their whole life-pattern in ruins. What would be pretentious and strained in the hands of most directors, with Pasolini takes on an intense air of magical revelation. In fact, the superficially improbable plot retains all the logic and certainty of a detective story. With bizarre appropriateness, it was one of the last films made by Stamp before he virtually disappeared from the international film scene for some years.' David Pirie

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