Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 53: Wednesday Feb 22

The Duke Mitchell Film Club presents Rajnikanth Madness Night:
King's Cross Social Club, 2 Britannia St, WC1, 7pm

Let the Duke take the mic and introduce the night: A unique combination of bona fide action star and matinee idol, Rajinikanth is the biggest name ever to emerge from Tamil cinema: his films have been known to play 800 consecutive days to full houses not only in India but all over the world.

By way of an introduction, the Duke has picked his craziest, most action packed film: wall-to-wall fights, crazy stunts, outrageous fashions and unbelievable sets including a revolving disco! To top all that the films’ plot is the amalgamation of EVERY BRUCE LEE FILM EVER MADE!

If that wasn't enough we also have the choicest cuts of Indian psychedelia, Indian Grindhouse trailers of an unimaginable kind and a quiz with prizes! Most important of all it's absolutely FREE!

You can find out more here.
You will see great dancing, great action and great fights. Go.

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