Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 52: Tuesday Feb 21

Targets (Bogdanovich, 1967):
The Jackalope, 98 Stoke Newington Church St, London, N16

The Exploding Head Film Club continue to prove how much they've been missed since their absence with a great follow up to The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue screening a fortnight ago. This is influential director Peter Bogdanovich's film debut and a rare chance to see a movie which has been out of circulation for a very long time. You can find out details of tonight's presentation via the club's Facebook page here.

Time Out review:

'Boris Karloff in effect plays himself as Byron Orlok, a horror star on the point of retiring, who suddenly confronts the reality of contemporary American horror in the form of a psychopathic sniper (O'Kelly) picking off anyone he can see with a vast artillery of weapons. Bogdanovich was given the money to make the film by Roger Corman, who also allowed him to use extensive footage from Corman's Poe movie The Terror in the sequences at the drive-in cinema where the confrontation takes place. The result is a fascinatingly complex commentary on American mythology, exploring the relationship between the inner world of the imagination and the outer world of violence and paranoia, both of which were relevant to contemporary American traumas. It was Bogdanovich's first film, and despite his subsequent success, he has yet to come up with anything half as remarkable.'
David Pirie

Here is the trailer

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