Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 50: Sunday Feb 19

Quatermass and the Pit (Ward Baker, 1967) & The Devil Rides Out (Fisher, 1968):
Roxy Bar & Screen, 128-132 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LB

A superb double-bill from the Classic Horror Campaign, a pressure group trying its best to get horror films back on our TV screens. You can find out more about them via this Facebook page. And more about this afternoon's brilliant double-bill here.

Time Out review of Quatermass and the Pit:

'The third and most interesting of Nigel Kneale'sQuatermass parables, scripted without interference by Kneale himself from his original TV series, so that his richly allusive web of occult, anthropological, religious and extraterrestrial speculation emerges intact as excavations at a London underground station turn up what appears to be an unexploded Nazi bomb, but proves to be a mysterious space craft.'
David Pirie

Here is the trailer


Time Out review of The Devil Rides Out:

'Over the years, this film's reputation has grown enormously, and its cult status must be as high as any horror movie. Richard Matheson, who scripted it, was able to improve immeasurably on Dennis Wheatley's ponderous novel, and it is consequently the best film that Fisher and Hammer ever made, an almost perfect example of the kind of thing that can happen when melodrama is achieved so completely and so imaginatively that it ceases to be melodrama at all and becomes a full-scale allegorical vision. Christopher Lee has never been better than as the grim opponent of Satanism, and the night in the pentacle during which the forces of evil mobilise an epic series of cinematic temptations rediscovers aspects of mythology which the cinema had completely overlooked.'
David Pirie

Here is the trailer

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